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Username: oohahhjustanotherone

Age: 38

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Elements, Epsom

Wow! Somebody really has a problem with this place don't they?! I haven't been living in Epsom long but I have to say that I do love Chicago's at the weekend!

Ok, the place does look a tad dated and could do with a well earned lick of paint and new carpet but the atmosphere is always electric once it starts getting busy after 11!

Daddy_dave must've been in a completely different place to me last Friday as the DJ was lovely and very polite - and there was a message on everyone of their many screens stating 'Text The DJ your requests'.

As with the I.D comment, whilst I have been queuing each time to get in here, everyone has been I.D and the doorstaff and management have been very polite about it. Maybe we should be giving the younger people a chance rather than 'tarring them all with the same brush'.

I don't usually bite to other peoples comments but everyone should really check this place out for yourselves as I think that most of these comments have been posted as a childish way to get back at the staff or management or someone as it has been stated before.

I do hope that whoever runs it now realises that they could be sitting on a gold mine if they could only put some cash into maybe a mini refurb!

8 Aug 2006 14:37

The Salt House, Epsom

This place is like a bigger, better looking, more expensive version of the marquis of granby but without the relaxing feel!

Don't get me wrong though I do love coming here. It's refreshing. If only they could bring they're prices down a tad it would undoubtibly become probably the best in Epsom in my mind!

8 Aug 2006 14:21

Yates's, Epsom

I've not lived in Epsom long but this place does seem to be improving no end.

Whatever the management/owners have done over the last few weeks - keep it up! I'd love be able to come here regularly!

8 Aug 2006 14:18

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