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The Walnut Tree, East Farleigh

Is this pub open? Have tried three times at lunch time to have a drink, but closed. I understood new tenants had taken over from the previous person. It was always open, clean, warm, with good beer and a friendly approach, alas no food, but that's better than no beer when the pub is closed.

14 Dec 2015 16:53

Kings Head, Sutton Valence

I wrote a review on this Public House in March 2014, some of which was complimentary, other parts not so. Having read the follow up reviews, I decided to return, with an unbiased friend, for her honest opinion.

The toilets are still pristine; the real ales are excellent, given a choice of three.

However, the man with his finger up his nostril still has his hot drink served to him, on a chromed tray, with a bottle of milk taking pride of place.

We asked if there was a garden and at the same time, could we look at the menu? We were given the menus, and directed towards the “Beer Garden”.

The journey to the Beer Garden required a negotiation through what appeared to be a scrap yard. (It transpires it was the smoking area) The Beer Garden, benefiting from grass in some areas, was festooned with garden tables, none of which were free of bird droppings or clean enough for someone to sit on.

However, we persevered and sat down at the ‘cleanest of the tables’. The menu, though not extraordinary offered promised. That is until my partner, for the day, spotted various dark mounds of, one assumes, dog faeces, scattered around the garden.

It is such a shame! I have been into this pub, on my own on a number of occasions. The bar staff, all dressed in black (it’s a pity it only suites the sour faced female who serves on a Sunday – and I’m not being sexist, a smile costs nothing) are always pleasant, the real ale, as previously stated , is well kept and presented.

However, I do object to the total denigration of this pub by the mindless idiots who cannot string a sensible sentence together without reverting to expletives (Use of obscene language, for those mindless idiots who do not understand the correct use of English)

The Kings Head is a reasonable pub; it could be a great Public House, if certain ingrained, out of date attitudes were to change. Gone are the days when customers were ‘reliable regulars’. Customers can, and obviously have, taken their business elsewhere.

“The true characteristics of ignorance are vanity, pride and arrogance”

17 Apr 2014 23:13

Kings Head, Sutton Valence

I have called into this pub a few times during the last few months. The real ale is excellent, always three choices at the bar. The bar staff (I've only ever seen one) are excellent, but who is the fat guy who sits at the end of the bar, with his fingers up his nose?
I can only assume he's the owner, as he barks out orders like a 2nd World War Obergruppenführe, and what is with the milk bottle when he's served with a hot drink. Surely, the milk can be decanted into a jug.
The decor and furniture are very good, and the menu looks OK, although I have not tried it, as the chef appears to be the man who stick his fingers up his nose, very off putting.
Could be a good public house, if digits and nostrils were not the 'orders of the day'.

9 Mar 2014 22:35

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