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Username: mycetes

Age: 70

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Spaniards Inn, Hampstead Heath

End Nov 2016 Saturday Afternoon: No room at the Inn. The Spaniards' has become a Yuppy Grubby Pub for Merchant Bankers. No table to sit at the place is a restaurant with a bar attached, with nowhere to sit, empty tables have a "Reserved" sign displayed. BAH!

Comfort = Zero : Overflowing with too many people
Prices high:= £8.15p for 1pt of London Pride + Half of JBV + packet crisps (Tyrells).

No visible price list anywhere.

26 Nov 2016 16:11

The Bull's Head, Barnes

I would have given this pub more if the barman wasn't so arrogant.

I asked if the pub had a pricelist of the beers it had on sale.

They did not. Automatic loss of 2 points in my book.

Ordinary Youngs bitter = £4.05p for a pint. That's pricey in my estimation. I need a price list in those circumstances.

Barman said they didn't have as they had only just raised their prices. Asked when I was told a week before. In that case they have have had ample to write one out.

I was not given a receipt for my purchase of my beer. That's another point off their score.

Arrogance = the loss of another point.

Cr@p muzak blasting away = another point gone.

3 May 2016 17:39

The Minster Tavern, Ely

When you go into a country pub in a market town, nay a cathedral city, like Ely, you might expect the best beer and lunch possible.

This place was described on Google as a "Classic old pub with real ales and a sizable menu of British and global favourites" and given 4 stars by them.

I went on a Wednesday. On that day they had an offer on their boards - Order a Pie and you will get a free Pint. On their bar they had a selection of so-called "Real Ales", but none of these was included in their offer. I was offered John Smiths or Carling as beers. I personally dislike both of these.

So I accepted the situation and ordered one of the so-called real ales and the pie - Steak Pie with Abbot Ale, a supposedly yummy sounding combination. Paid over to them £11.49p for the beer and the pie - full price.

When I got the "pie" it wasn't really a pie at all. A pie in my estimation is meat cooked in the oven fully enclosed top and bottom inside a crust of rolled pastry, with loads of its meat juices oozing out into the pastry. A pie is a baked dish which is usually made of a pastry dough casing that covers or completely contains a filling of various sweet or savoury ingredients.

That's not what I got. Instead I got this

A completely inedible puff pastry cooked separately placed on top of a enamel dish with some non-descript meat chunks swilling around in a supposedly Abbot Ale sauce, mashed potato made from powder, over boiled peas, cabbage, and carrots and a boat of gravy which seemed to have been made separately from the meat in the pie, probably from a reconstituted gravy shot you can buy in supermarkets nowadays.

Was this a "Classic old pub" - not really!! It had screaming kids playing in the bar, whilst you were soothed from their noisy intrusions by ghastly muzzak!

In my estimation Never Again.

Stars: Null Points!!!!

21 Apr 2016 18:44

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