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The Beech Tree, Hazlemere

i do hope the landlord reads these comments, i will phone him tomorrow and maybe he will get in touch with the very interested employers of mine

1 Aug 2011 01:00

The Beech Tree, Hazlemere

went there today, 1 and 1/2 hours sat outside waiting for a roast,a very dizzy girl had took our order? my partner feeling very hungry went back to the bar to chase the order after the 1st hour because other people ariving later than us were being served,, she was told " what was it you ordered, we had already been asked earlier by the dizzy girl in the garden are you waiting for food?, The chef, landlord, got involved fair enough, offered my partner straight away drinks, and said 10mins, i personally thought why so instant the offer of drinks, it was obvious the order had not gone through, hence dizzy girl, we would have been happy to wait the extra has long as we were kept notified, by the way the pub was not that busy, i myself then went into the pub and said to the young scruffy guy behind the bar, can we please have our food that we have already paid for because it was now taking the piss? he told me straight plse do not swear in front of children/ fair enough being an ex landlord and now working for a local paper i apologised for saying piss? also wondering why there is child of(3 APPROX) SAT A BAR , im sure there,s some law there ayho? I walked back to the garden. 2 minutes later the chef/Landlord walked over to us in the garden and was aggressive to me and my partner and mother and told us not to swear in is pub? fine but it was the way he handled himself, Aggressivly, great all i wanted to do was have lunch,i know from experience that the courts and police dont let convicts/idiots gain pubs easily now, this pub has a car wash trading in its car park,(5 thugs washing cars) it lets down what used to be a great pub, so he was quite comfortable being rude because of the thugs he had working there. (backing him.)
The pub advertises on a (A board) outside as being the best restaurant of the year, in bucks? by the bucks free press? remember i said where i was working now??? the landlord?chef was dirty and thuggish? other diners in the garden also commented on the landlords behaviour, i will give him a second chance but will take a male contingent, maybe he might behave a little different to a guy with two females, but really i cannot be bothered.

1 Aug 2011 00:49

The Cross Keys, Thame

brilliant pub now, cracking beer, great landlord /landlady,

5 Aug 2009 22:01

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