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Username: moggy1963

Age: 54

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The Half Moon, Whitwell Common

a copy of a letter ive sent to chef and brewer....use this place at your peril a shocking rip off.
Tonight i had the misfortune of visiting the half moon public house in worksop...this is one of your pubs..There was 5 of us and we wanted 2 bills ie 1 bill for 3 people and 1 bill for 2. we thought that your menu was very varied and tasty but expensive.When the meals arrived only the 3 people in my party received our meal,,,we had eaten it by the time the other 2 people in our party had received there meal.
Your portion sizes are very poor,,,,i had the same amount of chips as my 11 year old boy.All 5 meals were pathetically inadequate and did not justify the hefty price tag.
when i brought up the subject with the waitress,i was told sorry but thats the way it is.Lovely eh the chips were frozen rubbish if she had just gone and got all 5 of us more chips i would not now be rubbishing your pub to anybody who has an ear.
on paying, my mother brought the fact of portion sizes up with the girl taking our money was are not the 1st ones to complain im new here and people complain all the time.

value for money 0
quality of food 5
portion sizes 0
professionalism 0
if you do not sort out these issues you might as well shut.

i feel ripped off not once but twice,,,because after the small mouthful of food at your place i then had to go to mcdonalds to fill my family
i am furious and i shall be advising anybody with an ear not to go to your public house as you rip them off

please contact me if you wanna know anything else (i bet you wont)giving us our money back would be a start

darren burke

20 Nov 2011 10:21

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