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Username: mac_bee

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The Kings Arms, Rotherfield

Just to comment on "terrible - 10 Apr 2010 08:37" who posted a bad review, I was that friend being "chased" through the pub, the landlord and his 5 friends(don't know where you got 20 from) are all ex-servicemen, who for the first time have met up since serving in the Gulf war and other conflicts and tours of duty around the globe. The other patrons (locals and first timers) in the restaurant became aware of this and even brought drinks for us, and chatted to us at the bar about our experience's. I myself ate at the restaurant, and I have to say the meal was absolutely fantastic. Starter , main course and cheeses were a culinary delight. Full of flavour and all served at the same time. The food is not your average boring pub food but full of rustic taste, and nothing deep fat fried. The landlord and his head chief spend time and passion researching every item that goes on to their menu (a bit of a shock, as the landlord never expressed his love for food as a serviceman). I myself now work in Soho, London and entertain clients regularly, the food in The Kings Arms would not be out of place there in some of the best restaurants in that area, and I have recommended them on numerous occasions, as it is worth the travel from London. Plus I have never been to a more friendlier place, as the locals welcome you with open arms. One more thing, would you trust a review from someone who hides their profile information. Terrible - 10 Apr 2010 08:37, you sure your not another restaurant in the area green with envy.

5 Jun 2010 19:59

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