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The Fox @ Excel, ExCeL London

I completely agree with the above. Unbelievably bad service, the staff seem to be great at looking busy and chatting to each other but not serving any customers, and when they did serve us even their attitudes had an attitude! We (eventually) ordered a Pimms and a Coke and they came in the same glass (mmm, yummy), I had to mime what soda water was, and had to explain in VERY simple terms what a shandy was too. As GC22 said ordering more than two drinks at a time was pointless too. The food was okay but on the one occasion we did eat the cutlery was brought to us when we'd all finished out meals (thankfully it was burgers & fries), and I cleared our table myself in the absence of any waiting staff. In the USA our food would have been free. Not in good old England!

It's not hard to run a bar, people have been doing it for hundreds of years. Staff training DEFINITELY required!!!

17 Jul 2007 13:47

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