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Username: johnnog19

Age: 37

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The Rake, London Bridge

It may be worth ben21 knowing that the guys who own The Rake also own Utobeer and so with so much apparent dislike surely you would want to give that a miss also??
A solid 10 from me

23 Mar 2009 15:40

The Grand Union, Westbourne Park

I went here with a group of friends yesterday to be greeted with an absolute farce! At first our table was inside, then we were outside and then we were back inside because our table that they had already given away once was now available again and they needed the one we were on!
We let this slide and decided to have a drink which I thought was of limited choice. The real trouble started when we ordered food. Three Eggs Benedict (surely it cant be hard to get that right) and a portion of chips were ordered before the rest of our group had decided. An hour later and with people who had arrived within the last 20 minutes receiving food we started to get a bit annoyed. When it eventually did arrive it was all stone cold and we were told it had been ready for ages but hadn't been brought out! (Not what we wanted to hear!) Needless to say the food was sent back and we got new portions.
As the sun was out we thought Pimms might be in order and so ordered a couple of jugs. 19 a jug we think is somewhat steep? Let me know your thoughts on that. When we went to pay the bill (we sent the two teachers) we were told that they weren't willing to give us any discount and talked to as if we were somewhat stupid! Instead some bloke came over and offered us three bars of cheap dark chocolate for our inconvenience. Cheers pal!!
When the posh lot came in talking about fox hunting and wearing jumpers around their shoulders it was time to leave. Permanently!! We won't be bothering again!

23 Mar 2009 15:27

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