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The Hankridge Arms, Taunton

We visited the Hankridge Arms early on Thursday 17th December as a special treat before taking our young son to see the new Star Wars film.
We arrived at 5.30pm and were welcomed and we ordered a beer that they recommended. We then waited a further 40 minutes before our order was taken so in the meantime decided to have another beer.
Oh we've run out of that one!. There was about 8 others in the pub so that was very, strange. Our food was served over an hour after we arrived
I had cod & chips (£14.95). It wasn't cod - it was pollock. Was asked if we need any sauces. Asked for vinegar which might as well have been served in a bucket. I wanted a little salt which when picked up drained its entire contents on my dinner. Hows the food? we were asked. I told her about the salt and she said she'd replace the meal. We were now rapidly running out of time. It was then that the pub was consumed by smoke from two open fires - a common occurrence as the waiters thought it was funny. We went to pay & leave. Not one bit of apology (nor a small discount) so we paid in full.
This is when things turned to the surreal.
The manager over hearing this decided that he would take US to task and said that we'd been offered a replacement meal. He would not accept that we had no time so I reminded him about the lack of beer, smoke etc. Our family is now outside the pub with the ranting manager in hot pursuit.
Got into the car when by small son said that he was frightened by the managers actions - he's now yelling at my wife through the car window.
Enough is enough.
I got out of the car and faced him to which he backed off. Got back into the car with him still ranting and watched him follow us into the road as we drove away. The manager is obviously quite mentally disturbed and wants serious professional help before he hurts someone.
I spent Friday wondering if I should call the Police. I'd love to know who owns the pub as I think they should know.

19 Dec 2015 23:17

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