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Anne Of Cleves, Melton Mowbray

We were on a long weekend break from Lancashire and saw The Anne of Cleves on this and other web sites and read about its history. It is a beautiful building in lovely surroundings and when I walked in I thought I was in heaven. The interior has retained it's traditional past and there were 6 hand pumps on the bar, 4 local Everards and 2 guest ales.
I tried one of the Everards and this is when my disappointment set in. After a long day driving down I was so thirsty that I'd drunk half before realising there was something wrong, it tasted vinigary and was as cloudy as the Mersey. Fortunately, I was in the garden so the roses suffered the rest and I went and tried a different ale. I tasted this and it was worse and cloudy. Changed it for another brew and sat in the garden. This was barely drinkable but managed most, the rest on the roses. Thinking that the 2nd one out might improve I tried the same again but this was awful. Was about to complain when another bloke came in and tried one of the guest ales, he looked at it, tasted it and got it changed, tried that and got a pint of lager instead. Two other blokes came in got 2 pints tasted and looked but sat down pulling faces, their's were both cloudy. Finally I got up took my almost full pint to the bar and informed the barmaid that the landlord obviously needed a lesson in cellar management. It's a great shame because, as I said, the building and surrounding area are beautiful and if the beer was anywhere near as good this pub would be a great asset to Melton Mowbray.

27 Jun 2010 14:24

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