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Username: jackie_sunshine

Age: 50

Sex: female

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The Boatman, Guildford

I think business has been too quiet here for too long and the staff members have got far too used to taking it far too easy.

Sitting outside on the river terrace was heavenly, but when we came inside in order to eat we had trouble finding a table that looked even vaguely clean.

I went over to the two or three waiting staff who had been sitting on a pair of sofas chatting and polishing cutlery since they had arrived, and mentioned that we couldn’t find anywhere to sit that didn’t need a bit of a wipe. Without a word the waitress gesticulated over to the barman who sprayed some cleaning product onto a slightly grubby wet cloth from behind the bar and gave it to me.

Great (!)

Our food arrived quickly but as the pub was at about 15% capacity at most I hadn't expected to wait very long.

Our meals were fine – not that anybody there bothered to check.

Unfortunately, then our empty plates sat in front of us for about 45 minutes until the sullen waitress scooped them up on her way back from delivering someone else’s meal without a word, a smile, or even any eye contact.

I guess we’re not having desserts then!

I had a lovely time with my friend, but that was all down to the company and not anything to do with the service or environment here.

16 Sep 2008 14:10

The Seahorse, Shalford

We wandered in willy nilly only to stand transfixed like a deer in headlights before backing slowly out again.

I wanted to go somewhere relaxing after a tough day and the lighting put me off immediately. Is it some kind of McDs "Keep the lights bright so they'll eat faster and we can put new bums on seats" design? I couldn't see anywhere that you wouldn't have a spotlight shining right at you.

We try again on a day when I've got my sunnies with me. perhaps.

29 Jun 2008 12:56

The Bourne Valley Inn, St Mary Bourne

Excellent country pub near Whitchurch, the Watercress Line and, as already mentioned, a fab viaduct!

Everything was very clean and well kept. The food was great, and the welcome warm and friendly.

There is a lovely garden, and a sunny barn section with patio doors.

You feel as if you are in the depths of the countryside because it's so peaceful, and you barely hear a car going past, but in fact you're not that far from civilisation.

We'll be back.

29 Jun 2008 12:46

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