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Username: irv

Age: 37

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The Mayfair Tavern, Tooting

Inspired by the comments mentioning the remarkably friendly atmosphere of this pub, a couple of mates and I decided to give it a bash last Saturday night.

We walked in.

4 old geezers sitting in a row at the bar, 1 old geezer behind the bar - presumably the barman. They were facing a small television, which was broadcasting the popular Saturday evening laugh-fest "You've Been Framed", practically falling off their chairs as they watched the hilarious on-screen antics; it was truly a sight to behold.

What was more amazing than this was their sensational ability to ignore. We assume they must have had special training - we'd wandered in on an elite force of the country's top ignorers. We stood awkwardly at the end of the bar being completely and utterly ignored for at least a full minute, then we left and went somewhere that wasn't absolutely and completely rubbish.

It was hilarious though and we laughed about it a lot. We thought it might be fun to go back sometime, open the door and push a trained dog in on a skateboard to see if this would elicit a response from the regulars or staff, and we hope to try this soon.

29 Jan 2010 16:27

The Bec Bar, Tooting Bec

Been here a couple of times now and enjoyed it, refreshing to find somewhere nice in Bec. Definitely a young person's bar, but from what I've seen the clientele don't seem too poncy.

5 rents you a Nintendo Wii for an hour downstairs on Sundays and Mondays, haven't tried the offer but it sounds like it could be a good laugh.

14 Mar 2008 16:46

The Rising Sun, Wimborne

One of my favourite beer gardens anywhere. Back in Wimborne from London to see the folks I came here with a few mates - i walked out into the garden for a smoke and realised why I loved it: brook babbling away beside, huge willow tree above, the faint whiff of muck-spreading on the breeze.... ah, I'm home!

I could take or leave the inside mind...

11 Mar 2008 15:12

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