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The Rose Revived, Hadlow

Recently visited The Rose Revived with a friend. Being a vegetarian, I found it very difficult to find something that I wanted to eat. I am not a fan of mushrooms so was very disappointed when I saw that mushroom stroganoff was the only veggie option on the main course menu. I had to go for two small things, so I got some garlic bread and 'soup of the day'. The garlic bread was very yummy. But as for the soup, If I wanted Heinz tomato soup then I could have gone to the shop and bought my own for 50p. It genuinely was Heinz. I also noticed that anchovies were on the menu with a "vegetarian" logo next to it. This is incorrect, as you probably know.

I found it very comfortable in the pub, it was nicely decorated and had a lovely garden, but I was just completely letdown about the soup. I also visited the website and found it difficult to use.

Also found barman quite patronising.

All together, I would give it a 5/10

21 Apr 2010 15:11


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