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The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

A brief enquiry as to progress regarding the heating system, or rather the complete lack of it, has been met with the response that it is unlikely to be repaired or operational this year.

Faucett Inns have lied yet again addressing the concerns of the pub's clientele.

This will be the third winter that there has been no heating.

What is the problem with Faucett Inns?
OK, they went bust a short while ago, created an alter ego company and transferred the assets. (Nice business ethics)
So money might be tight... but not to invest in your business is rank stupidity.

Sell up, please!!!

9 Aug 2010 13:45

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

I have finally discovered something positive about this pub.
The departure lounge in Gatwick Airport is 5p more expensive.

9 Aug 2010 13:38

The Oakhill Tavern, Beckenham

If Tue, 13th July 2010 is anything to go by...
If for no other reason than curiosity, then visit this pub.
Make your way past the occasional thug standing outside wielding a baseball bat against his protagonist (allegedly his drug dealer).
Make your way to the freshly painted exterior. (The expression "fur coat and no knickers" has been used to describe this cheap make over)
The interior is shabby. A freshly sanded and varnished floor in part of the bar does not improve the general condition of the interior.
Order your beer and pay an extortionate price (Fawcett Inns runs a policy of 104% return on a barrel - check the head on the glass. The bar staff will obligingly top it up for you if requested - but you shouldn't need to as it should be a full pint in the first place)
Some ales need better care - apparently the traces of cocaine found in the toilets have proven to be of better quality (That's a joke! I don't know if it was better quality)
The toilets - lets not go there... really... I mean it... lets not go there.
And here we are - half way through summer and still no sign of the central heating being repaired in time for winter.

Jim, the new manager, is a pleasant guy who certainly has his work cut out for him and I wish him well.

Fawcett Inns do not care. They charge excessively and do not invest in the pub to provide suitable facilities for their customers. I wish to God that they would sell it on.

14 Jul 2010 12:05

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