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The Norman Knight, Whichford

The brewery is now The Patriot Brewery - and a fine one it is as well. The Kiwi is superb, the Nelson excellent and the Mild magnificent.

The guests where Reverend James and a Hooky Best - flash a CAMRA membership card and you'll get 10% off the cost; a CAMRA benefit I've never sen before.

All in all - and I checked this with my wife and teen-aged kids - this is the best pub we've been in for years.

11 Nov 2012 00:35

Eight Bells, Chipping Campden

By far the best pub in Chipping Campden (and I've spent today testing each one) - not saying much as the rest are piss-poor rip-off tourist joints (I've spent today testing every one, remember - how bloody depressing..)

However, to be clear, this isn't the least worst of a bad bunch - it's a genuinely impressive pub that keeps 4+ real ales extremely well; 3 from within 30 miles and every single one served very well and at around 3 a pint max - Mad Goose being the perectly kept pick.

I've eaten here a few times with my family and guests and it's always been beautiful - though expensive - food; It's also a dog friendly pub in the proper country sense so it stands a chance of overhauling the Bakers Arms.Which is a better pub, but bizarrely imagines that in the Cotswolds, it alone should be able to banish the constant companion (dog) of most of us natives, to the garden

30 Dec 2011 23:26

The Kings Arms, Mickleton

Appalled at the decline of this once magnificent pub - not that tourists would notice and therein lies the crux with Cotswold pubs.

This was my local 5 years ago, it used to keep several decent ales well and served decent food at reasonable prices.

Today I find that it has Hooky at near 4 a pint and Hobgoblin at 4 a pint and a bacon sandwich on offer at 5.

I am embarrassed to have recommended this once fine pub to others - and distressed that this pub survives untroubled even charging stupid money, whilst far better local pubs are dieing of being off a bus route or away from a railway station.

30 Dec 2011 23:12

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