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Username: grantyb82

Age: 37

Sex: ?

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The Wheatsheaf, Borough

The Wheatsheaf used to be one of my faveourite pubs, until I visited last night. I was with a large group of friends I had invited there for my works leaving do. I have no idea who the new bouncer is (since when did a pub need a bouncer? - obviously the clientele have really gone to shit, evidenced by the easy london smack heads who had just got off the train at London Bridge) but when I hugged one of my male friends who I would no longer be working with I got accused of being gay by this guy who worked for the pub. I asked what he was talking about and he through away my beer and pushed me over.

Realising it wasnt worth the hassle, I repaired to the Southwark Tavern. I went down stairs to find a seat, and low and behold this guy had followed me in and had me thrown out. Incredible. I imagine if this guy works at the Sheaf for much more then a week they wont have any customers left.

26 Jul 2008 17:24

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