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The Shepherd and Dog, Ballards Gore

Nearly a year after I posted the previous note, there may be some light (literally) at the end of the tunnel for the Shepherd & Dog. I drove past yesterday evening and the internal lights (downstairs and up) were on, as well as the car park spotlights. Maybe just a security measure, but there seemd to be a different car parked down the side. I do hope this is a sign that this landmark pub/restaurant is finally getting some much-needed TLC.

17 Feb 2015 16:31

The Shepherd and Dog, Ballards Gore

Sadly the Shepherd and Dog has bitten the dust and now closed. Seems to have been shut for at least a few months as the car park is looking overgrown and there's a caravan parked there for some reason.
Whatever happened seems to have happened quite quickly as all the furniture is still in there and you can see a pile of bills on one of the tables.
Nothing about the closure online. A real shame, as was a lovely country pub/restaurant.

6 May 2014 17:29

The Spa, Hockley

Strange one, this. Huge, domineering white pub in prime location in Hockley "village", apparently it was originally built as a hotel to accomodate the visitors the the actual spa in hockley, as was the railway station.
Trouble is, it's a terribly average pub. Drinks only, no food and, speaking as a lager lout, a very disappointing range on offer. If you can't stomach Stella or Fosters, the only other Lager appears to be Becks Vier. Couldn't see too many surprises in the real ale pumps either to be honest.
I do applaud a pub that steadfastedly remains "a pub", but if your focus is on drinks only, at least offer the punters a decent range? A few surprises?
As for the clientele, this is very much a local pub for local people. I only pop in once every few months but the same faces are there every single time. Local kids just old enough to drinkdown in the lower bar around the pool tables, regulars in the top, all chowing down on their Stella and Becks Vier.
It's not a bad pub I guess, but can't help feeling that someone's going to snap this place up one day, offer a better range of drinks, and start serving food.

24 Jul 2013 12:11

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