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The Anchor, Wisley

I visited this pub with my other half, best friend and his wife. It was busy, always is. We had nearly an hour wait for a table, I can accept this. We ordered food, the girls food was lovely, perfect but my friend and I had ordered two classic burgers, being fussy gits, we asked for egg, bacon, cheese and mushrooms. Overall we waited another 50 minutes for the food, a table next to us arrived after, ordered after and had finished their food before ours even arrived – I questioned this with the waitress bless her and she said it was because we had a complex order and the Chef had to take his time…. The food finally arrived – the burger was a little flat and clearly not gourmet…. My friends burger had no mushrooms but his egg and the other items, my burger had no egg, no cheese, no bacon, no mushrooms so the fact we had to wait longer for additional fillings that never materialised means someone was not doing their job, eventually my food arrived with the fillings at which point the others had finished their food so I refused to accept the plate. Ironically, my friend has now been suffering with food poisoning for 3 days being sick from both ends so all in all an absolutely terrible experience and I shall neither be visiting again or recommend anyone else eats in this place.

11 Sep 2013 10:47

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

ok, ok, a nice old guy owns he pub, and he is a nice old guy, and yes I was truly impressed by the caliber of the female staff but still none of my friend have visited the pub, I also mention that I work for a company with over 350,000 employees worldwide some of which have heard of my experience.

I will say again, I still have a little bitter spot on my tongue following my experience at this pub, less so than before, but still not happy visiting again.

A true shame as the surroundings are beautiful.

8 Sep 2005 20:42

The Volunteer, Sutton Abinger

A charming countryside pub, I visited today with four close friends, we ordered to table 71 from the menu, two steak sandwiches and three beef pies, we waited for the food and when it arrived we had two steak pies, two sandwiches yet no cutlery we waited for five minutes, then a friend fetched the waitress for some knives and forks which actually arrived, I asked the waitress where the third beef pie was and she looked puzzled, I can only guess the waitress then left and asked the chef to cook the missing dish but after waiting another 15 minutes and after my friends had all finished their meals I had to say something. I do not usually complain and if a complaint is dealt with properly I would not have gone to the trouble of finding this well managed pub review web page and write all this, I asked for a refund, I received my money and a receipt for the refund to add to the memory, the bar tender that received my complaint, which was conducted amicably, did not apologise nor offer some compensation, instead it was a simple transaction with no relation to customer conveyed, I therefore score the pub a dismal 0 in light of poor service and inability to meet CTQs.
I have a wide circle of friends who along with myself will not visit again.
A real shame.

29 May 2005 16:52

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