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Username: fireandforget

Age: 40

Sex: ?

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The Fine Line, Tower Hill

Went there one Friday night after Bar 38 closed (it was a work thing, don't ask) and had a much better time. Staff were chatty and friendly, and didn't attempt to close as soon as we got there, like most places in this area.

13 Sep 2006 13:11

The Minories, Tower Hill

Awful, awful, awful place. They actually charge you at the weekend to get in and be shouted over by drunken suits. One redeeming feature: On Thursday night it's pound a pint. So the only way to enjoy the Minories is to grab as much lager as you can carry and stake out a place in the beer garden. But this only applies if, like me, you work a hundred yards away, you finish work at 9.30pm, and the whole team goes together. But now the cold weather's drawing in, even that crude pleasure is denied us. Do not under any circumstances sit inside this pub on a Thursday or Friday when the music is terrrrrriiibble and there's a "who can be the biggest bunch of tw*ts" competition between the suits and the chav fifth formers.
Oh but the singing gents attendent is priceless

13 Sep 2006 13:04

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