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Username: fatbob1968

Age: 51

Sex: ?

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House Martin, Barton on Sea

1.30 Tuesday. Ordered 5 simple meals - took an hour to come. the chicken wings were bloody in the centre! Ok food and the wait wasnt too bad as we were chatting!

23 Feb 2013 09:49

The Beaverstock, Basingstoke

This pub is actually called "The Baverstock Arms"

Lovely! Great beer. Seafareres. although £3.60 a pint!

23 Feb 2013 09:43

The Lands End, Charvil

Sunday, 17th Feb 1.40pm
Pub nicely busy with diners. No one waiting at the bar so was surprised that we were ignored! No cheery welcome! Finally a "yes mate" ordered beer and crisps and sat down. What surprises me about this pub is the myriad of home made notices stuck up everywhere telling you not to do this that and the other! (i particulary enjoyed the sigh for the gents as the arrow directed you right behind the bar servery!) we declined to eat here as the toilets were disgusting! Pee all over the floor, yet more notices, dust dirt and cobwebs everywhere! If the toilet (that you can publically see) are this filthy; what's the kitchen going to be like?

23 Feb 2013 09:41

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