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Username: elquiffy

Age: 48

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The Prince George, Thornton Heath

A straightforward boozer where you are always guaranteed a warm wlecome. Don't expect whistles and bells and you won't be disappointed. This is a family owned pub and all of the family are wonderfully friendly and welcoming.
Gets very busy on football days, but so does everywhere in the area.

24 Aug 2011 13:28

The Plume of Feathers, Greenwich

This is such a shame. Went there yesterday for lunch, and while the beer side was excellent, the food operation was anything but. We ordered 3 veggie roasts and 2 mixed and what followed was so bad it was almost funny. We were advised that there was only 1 veggie roast left, so on the assurance that this wa sindeed true, we agreed to have that, and 2 plates of assorted veg roast pots and yorkshire puds. What eventually arrived, was 2 desultory plates of what looked like frozen veg, and Aunt Bessie's pots and puds. The veggie roast we had been promised became a goats cheese salad served with the same foul looking veggies as before. Even the carnivores had problems. One mixed roast contained what looked like the anus of an unspecified animal (even the waitress couldn't identify it) and was totally inedible. We were especially annoyed as had we known that they didn't in fact have the veggie option, we could have gone elsewhere, but by the time they brought anything out, it was too late. Very disappointed, and livid that chefs still feel they can treat vegetarians as second class customers, and assume we'll be grateful for any paltry offering.

11 Oct 2010 09:52

The Rising Sun, Tottenham Court Road

I use dto like this pub as it was a handy place to meet up in central London. That changed however at the weekend when a surly bar manager's attitude to my family put me right off the place. He wouldn't let us take our son in, even though we planned to eat, and wouldn't even let us use the toilets to change him. His attitude stank, and we left straightaway. Given that there are so many other pubs looking for our custom, I'll be giving this miserable, unfriendly place a big swerve in future.

16 Apr 2007 14:13

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