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Username: djpk

Age: 54

Sex: ?

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The Blues Bar, Soho

Open mic from 4pm Sat, get in before 3pm to get cosey and a good pozzie and feel superior to the mugs queueing outisde from about 6pm. Fun.

22 Aug 2008 12:32

Devonshire, Balham

Okay. not as good as it was but huge beer garden. Um. Yeah, the rest of it is pretty pretentious and over priced. Saw a prat with the collar turned up on his polo shirt. Wanted to kill him. Nice seats in the beer garden though!

21 Aug 2008 14:04

The Moon Under Water, Balham

It is an experience, on that I think everyone is agreed. They doo a variety of ales in varying conditions. Watched three police cars and a mob truck pull up at about 1pm one Saturday to take away one man. Brilliant. Up until about two years ago you were lucky if a urinal worked. Oh yes, there is despair, mobility scooters, toothless old man, scrotes, chavs, scumbags, deadbeats, men who will bleat for hous about the 'bitch who ruined their life', ex-cons, tag wearers, the smell of death and stale piss - but I'll tell you what, staggering off the northern line at 11.30pm after eight hours on the beer and thinking you want a closer and finding only 1.85 in your pocket and not sure you can operate a cash machine, this place is your only hope. Having read all this, I'm off to the Tooting spoons. Rock on.

21 Aug 2008 14:01

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