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The Kings Arms, Ferndown

This pub is now the only pub in the local area where i KNOW i'm going to have a first class experience.
The quality of food surpasses all other pubs in the area, and more importantly its hot when its delivered to the table. I dont mean that in terms of 'microwave hot' either.
My wife is a fussy eater and the chefs have personally catered for her needs, and on occasions created dishes which arent even on the menu (within reason!)
The service is always outstanding.
I even broke a cardinal rule of mine not to eat Indian food anywhere other than an indian restaurant, but I saw someone else having the Indian dish at the Kings Arms and had to try it myself. It was absolutely brilliant.
Try the fishcakes as a starter too, they are out of this world.
I cant recommend this pub highly enough! 10/10

27 Aug 2010 10:39

St Peters Finger, Lytchett Minster

Will not be eating here again. The dining area is very cramped, and the food is overpriced and of the microwave variety. Not very impressed. I had the bangers and mash, which was possibly the most bland and tastless meal I can remember eating.

The most shocking of all from a Dorset pub was the 'Dorset Apple Cake' advertised on the deserts menu. I was expecting this to be the jewel in the crown to perk up my rather uninspiring meal. Surely a Dorset pub can make a decent Dorset apple cake... even I can make one!
No, no, no! - Apparently a Dorset pub can fail at such a simple dessert. I should have realised it would be bad, when it turned up in a sundae glass!

The 'chef' had bought a dry madeira cake, and cut it into large cubes, these were tossed in the bottom of the glass, then to form the focal part of the dessert, the crux if you will.... the chef had sliced an apple (skin included) and thrown them on top of the odd cake cubes. This was topped off with a blast of squirty cream and delivered to our table. I don't tend to eat food which comes from an aerosol can, and I certainly dont pay for food which has been ill advertised! - VERY POOR, and dissapointing.

14 Aug 2009 12:50

The Broadstone Hotel, Broadstone

Now named 'The Goods Yard'. Harking back the the day of the old broadstone railway.
The interior has been very well thought out, it's theme echos railway stations of old, and fits rather well with the name. Its high ceilings and railway memorabilia on the walls add to the charm, while the large bar area is dotted with comfy chairs tables.
There are a good choice of beers and lagers on tap, some which i've not seen on sale in other bars including Peroni, and more.
The staff are all usually very friendly and welcoming and more often than not will hang around for a chat over the bar,

I've only eaten here once, which was on a Sunday lunchtime, the food was generally good, but I wasnt wowed by it.

Its certainly near the top of my list of favorite pubs.

15 Oct 2008 15:26

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