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Username: daveo1707

Age: 35

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The Waggon and Horses, Surbiton

Sad but true - the new business model is rubbish.
Like the Thai idea, but popped in twice now and on both occasions
'There's a problem with the oven and we can't do English food'
Sounds like you need a new oven...?
Also serving pints with well over 2 inches of head on them. Asked for a top up on one and got looked at like I was an alien. I explained that the head was more than I was happy with
'That's how it came out of the tap'....

29 Sep 2015 14:20

The Hand and Flower, Ham

New Inn was busy, so popped in here - bit worrying.
Bar staff were dismissive and generally uninterested in actually serving customers. Maybe because they finished their shift half an hour later, but they were still behind the bar when we asked for a drink four times.
Having finished their shift, hey then went to sit at one of the tables and passed the next hour or so making snide and unpleasant comments about the patrons they'd been serving (most of whom were still in the pub, although safely out of earshot).

I understand that a pub can't pick it's patrons, but on a weekend evening, you'd expect some life or some atmosphere - all there was in the Hand was a group of locals, who went to some lengths to tell anyone listening that they were locals, that were generally abusive to anyone who walked in the door who they didn't recognise.

After the second round we decided somewhere a little more welcoming and with some sort of liveliness would be better, so we dove off to the Boaters instead.

1 Jun 2015 10:15

Brave New World, Surbiton

An absolute hole.
Pretty sure the short guy behind the bar is on the take. Prices seem to be made up on the spot, got told 3 different prices for the same pint in one evening.
Obnoxious, foul mouthed idiot in a denim jacket started shouting. We left.

30 Nov 2013 07:33

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