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Username: cjc0784

Age: 58

Sex: ?

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The Moletrap, Tawney Common

Our party of 7 went here for a sunday lunch, spent 85 quid, the food arrived only for my granddaughter to find a hair in her food. My wife took the meal back to the bar to ask for a replacement, the result of this being the 'guvnor' came out of the kitchen, dressed in filthy clothes, thrust a tenner into my hand and then threw us out. I asked for an explanation, to be told that 'you've been trouble since you walked in', listen you throwback, when I put my 10 year old granddaughter, my octogenarian parents and my niece and her husband in cars and drive 10 miles to get there, it isn't to make trouble. You were rude, ignorant and showed yourself to be stupid as when I tried to discuss the situation, you just kept grunting 'youre finished, get out'

7 Apr 2013 16:28

The Mole Trap, Stapleford Tawney

Took a party of 7 here today for sunday lunch, ranging from 80 years old down to a 10 year old, spent £85 on food and drink only to find a hair in my granddaughters food, my wife took her meal back to the bar to have it replaced, the next thing that happened was the guvnor came over, thrust a tenner at me and threw us all out telling me that we were troublemakers. I am incredulous that any of my group could be described as trouble in any way. The throwback that threw us out was a pig, rude to all of us, not explaining in any way what we had done 'wrong', just continuing to grunt 'get out, you're done'. I get the feeling that if you are not a regular here, you are not wanted. End result, a ten year old nearly in tears and the other 6 people confused. DONT GO TO THIS PUB.

7 Apr 2013 15:16

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