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Username: chubbykipper

Age: 39

Sex: male

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The Old Friend, Greenwich

Agreed with the comment below. That chalk sign is still there as far as I know. Seems to cater to the small minded bigoted patriots of the area who wave their England flags when we win and kick in England's shop windows when we lose. New chalk sign added last few weeks... "WE NOW SERVE FOSTERS".
Right, I'm definitely leaving.

20 Oct 2005 14:33

The New Cross Inn / Bar Alchemy, New Cross

Still has some ropey live bands, I should know I play in one. Nice place, excellent and friendly music promoters and sound engineer, some student clientel and a friendly old fella with a big grey beard who can sometimes be seen defeating the youngsters on the pool table.

Nice place, good atmos, great food (Chinese). Good music and bands too most nights. Give it a try.

20 Oct 2005 14:25

The George Staples, Blackfen

Live near there, always fighting and yelling after hours. Blackfen is swarming with dolled up tarts and bruisers in pink shirts with frosted hair most evenings. It's a pub for the young and the dim I suppose, I prefer it before it was done up, at least they had live music.

Been in there during the day though, service was good but not over friendly. Ok place for a pint in the day although I didn't really feel at home.

20 Oct 2005 14:20

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