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The Freebutt, Brighton

The Freebutt has re-opened having been closed for almost a year. Its been going for a good few months now and seems to do ok.... but i'm sure that the pub barely survives on the skinny jeans crowd who go in with only enough money for a pint ( having already drank and necked god knows what before heading out! ). Bit cliquey upstairs in The Penthouse.... reminds me of the 'Why Don't you' club house - and someone's mum really should give it a good clean!

Downstairs is way better than it used to be. You head in through the side entrance and it takes you either up the stairs to the penthouse or to the right through a door into the new bar area. This kinda looked like they'd run out of money on the decorating front when i visited a few weeks ago..... bit sparse and lacking charm but nice low lighting from the bar end. To the left of the bar is a double door that leads through into the venue. It's all a bit topsy turvy as regards the floor plan - but it always was bad. The stage runs along the longest wall, has a top quality new PA system and great lighting. The room is wider than it is deep, if that makes sense, and is unfortunately ruined by a huge black pillar that cuts in front of centre stage. It is however a great improvement on the previous set up. The staff aren't as rude and up their own arses as they used to be and the beer is as you'd expect. Lager and bottles.... but we don't really go there for the beer! The venue is now in the hands of the guys who run The Joiners in, well done for taking it on guys. Good luck to you.

28 May 2008 20:44

The Black Lion, Brighton

Well. They gave it an overhaul as far as the decor goes about 2 years ago. It now kind've looks like a 'ye olde worlde' pub of sorts... and it is actually one of the oldest pubs in Brighton, goes back to 1680 or something, but none of this excuses its music policy ( bad House Anthems- DJ or Stereo ), shit beer and horrendous pre-club crowd.

Absolutely awful bar in a pub shell.

It gets rammed on a weekend, and i guess if you wanted to try and pull an airhead from Burgess Hill then it could be perfect. If however you want a decent pint you'd be better off going to The Cricketers next door, which in contrast is theatrical, antique laden and old fashioned, but it always manages to serve one.

28 May 2008 20:11

The Bat and Ball, Brighton

If they can't control the abusive and drunken clientele from hassling innocent shoppers and people passing by they're sure to get shut down before too long.
It has to be said that being spat at and called a c*nt' on a Saturday afternoon trip to Sainsbury's is not my idea of fun....

I am however fully aware that most of the people who use this pub are harmless, and am also glad it exists so that the same people don't ruin the pubs that i enjoy a pint in.

28 May 2008 19:49

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