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The American Bar, Portsmouth

I cannot believe I am reading about the same pub here. Anonymous and Southern Beer have not got their facts right.

The current owners (same people as Rosies – a Pompey institution) are in their fourth year at The American and the food just keeps getting better!!

The food is always fresh – the best steak my partner has ever eaten. The main menu is not the cheapest but you pay for quality and for something that is different from elsewhere – this is not your normal pub grub.
AND they serve food ALL day – very useful.

The staff have always been incredibly welcoming and provide a great service.

Yes anonymous, the bar can get overcrowded but this is because so many people are using the bar! So they must be doing something right.

As far as drinks go…

Bit of a lager led pub but have different offerings than most including Leffe on tap!!
The two ales - Directors and Adnams are not the most exciting choice but VERY well kept.
The wine list is great which is probably due to the pub being owned by the people from Rosies, and their selection of spirits offers drinks that you can’t get elsewhere.

If you are after something a bit different then I would recommend this pub – it is casual but quality dining and drinking.

P.S they have a lovely garden for the summer. – not too many of those around.

20 Sep 2006 16:23

The Alford Arms, Frithsden

Superb food.

This pub won the publican's "Catering pub of the year" in 2005 and you can see why.
We visited on a sunny weekday lunchtime and the place was packed!! It is worth the trek to go there for lunch.

Very hospitable staff and good ethos - i like the unpretentious way that the staff wear jeans and shirts yet serve FABULOUS food.

Great wine list, good beer.

This is the way that eating should be - relaxed and informal.

18 Sep 2006 12:51

The Admiral Codrington, Brompton

Only been here twice. The first time the bar area was great. Full of people on a monday night with really friendly service. We moved into the restaurant and had STUNNING food. Yes it was pricey but you pay for good food that is served well.

On my second visit a few months later the bar was deserted late afternoon. we sat and had an OK beer in the garden but didn't want to wait an hour before food was being served.

Great food, great wine list, average beer.

18 Sep 2006 12:45

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