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Username: armchairtraveller

Age: 65

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The Crown, Thames Ditton

12/05/2010 We just had lunch there service good, menu great, starters good, but then main course- pizza was the worst pizza ever, no taste to ultra thin tom sauce no taste and bland cheese used, base tough as ol boot and not in a good crisp way. Luckily I had the pasta and meatball which was truly terrible. I am no cook but I could do a FAR better job, the pasta was not fresh pasta, over cooked. Ragu sauce tired, no finesse. As for the meatballs. Well I tried first with just my knife, to test how soft/fresh they were. It made no impression and had to force my knife through with the aid of my fork, twas hard a nails, the meat used was all tough/sinewy inedible. We were not charged but that is not the point. We were the only customers, you would have thought those 2 dishes would be stroll in the park. MIGHT go back to give it another try?-but there again...

12 May 2010 19:58

The White Swan, Pimlico


I went early on friday night, we tried 3 beers all were kept really badly, by a very disinterested 'landlord'-I use the term loosely, all 3beers were terrible sour flat vinegar, we had the Youngs which was very average. A fight nearly broke out, everyone was visibly upset, the 'landlord' just moved the people to different ends of the pub!
Then a couple complained about the bad wine they had, were given a refund but the 3 staff and the 'landlord' just laughed as if to say "fancy complaining and expecting good beer, wine and service-HA"

The toilets were disgusting, damp everywhere, bad disrepair, graffitti, dirty, smelly

A group of 7 americans sat down for dinner, the 'landlord' told them to get their own menus, they decided what to eat, went to the bar to order and the 'landlord' told them-"No only the snack menu"- this was 8.15 at night-Welcome to London!


7 Nov 2009 11:06

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