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The Colton Arms, Barons Court

Arguably one of the best pubs in the world, on the following grounds:

1.) It is one of the few, true, proper pubs still in existence. Thus, sadly, it has little competition and far too few peers.
2.) The landlords. Some of the longest serving landlords in the game. Trust them.
3.) The beer. Always perfect. If your London Pride doesn't taste like your normal London Pride, then you've never had a good pint of London Pride before.
4.) It is an oasis of quality and character, almost untouched by modern commercialisation. There's no juke box, fruit machine, or even an electronic till.
5.) The décor has not been touched since before colour televisions, every bit of brass and copper is polished with pride. The copper bar has to be seen to be believed.

No, there's no food, but with beer this good, who needs it?

There's basically nothing I'd change, and nothing I'd want to see changed. Step back in time and be thankful that there are still any establishments like this in existence.

I'm so proud to have it as my local.

13 Aug 2011 17:29

Aragon House, Parsons Green

Should/could be so much better.
Saturday lunchtime: fairly busy, but by no means swamped.
Peroni, at four quid a pint, was flat and poor. Real ales kept so badly as to be undrinkable - served with bits floating around!
Staff, however, couldn't care less. Surly and doing only as much as they have to in order to avoid being sacked, it seems.
Lots of other good pubs nearby - I suggest you try them.

13 Aug 2011 17:12

The Scarsdale Tavern, Kensington

I can't believe how disappointed we were last night.
Met with four friends traveling a considerable distance to go to a great pub that has long been one of my favourites. And good it was too: excellent real ale, great food.
Friday night: busy, long wait for a table, but that's expected and worth it.
We were there all evening and spent well. Then closing time comes along, as can only be expected.
What is not expected, however, is for the staff to wedge open the doors at 11.04pm. It was 3C (37F) outside last night.
At first they were bringing in outside furniture, fair enough.
But that task completed, the doors were left wedged open.
My friend moved to close them as it was becoming freezing in the pub, but the were opened once again.
We questioned this with a barmaid who stated that they "want to go home", confirming our suspicion that this was a cynical ploy to get people out. This was at about seven minutes past eleven.
Just before 11.20, as we collected our coats and were leaving I asked to speak to the manager, having had more hassling from the staff. The manager and her associate didn't seem to care less that long time customers were being made to feel like we were in the wrong, simply for wanting to finish our drinks without freezing. We were then told to "leave now".
And we did.
I hope some good comes out of this recession by weeding out such management from great pubs where one expects, and has previously had, much better.

24 Jan 2009 12:18

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