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Username: ando

Age: 41

Sex: ?

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Jam Circus, Brockley

jam circus looks great, but, for its size, needs more staff and a bigger menu.

love the living room area, but the barbie ladies toilet is just trying too hard.

the food is very hit and miss and slow to arrive, although have only really done breakfasts there.

staff generally range from absolutely lovely to friendly enough, but, try as they might, they can't run the place properly with current staffing levels.

maybe i've been lucky, but it seems to be one of the few harmonious child-freindly places i've been to- the kids are a pleasure to have around and don't scream or moan about you smoking (and neither do the parents!).

just needs a little more versatility and love outting in...

2 Jul 2007 11:39

Moonbow Jakes, Brockley

i find it worrying that when, a few saturdays ago, they couldn't open due to staffing, there were people outside obviously in great despair.

i want to like moonbows, but i just can't. the ethos of the place, regulars and staff appears to be 'we are very, very special'.

menu is limited and unadaptable- apparently it is not possible to order one of their limited selection of overpriced sandwiches minus, say, lettuce. drinks are vastly overpriced, even more so the food (and rubbish cookies!).

full of bobos discussing house prices whilst cradling their babies in one of those ridiculous built-in sling tops.

quite nice interior and lighting, unless you were planning to actually read one of the newspapers provided. hear, hear on the chairs- there is no happy medium between classroom-style and almost lying down.

useful notice board up at the back if you're a brockley resident.

bearable, very occasionally, if it's your local.

2 Jul 2007 11:28

The Chapel Bar, Islington

Quite relaible for a pleasant weekday drink, but music gets ridiculous after a certain time.

Very gay-friendly

2 Jul 2007 11:12

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