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Username: american_sailor

Age: 40

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The Soldiers Return, West Ruislip

Outstanding pub! I will miss it once I leave the UK.

29 Aug 2006 15:58

The Soldiers Return, West Ruislip

Mr. Hallowed,
I have been coming to this pub ever since I came over here from across the ocean......yeah, I am one of those "Yanks". I am sure you know me, or atleast have seen me a couple of times. I use to go in there practically every night and I will continue to do so. I have always enjoyed going in and ordering a nice cold one from one of the pretty barmaids. You might be saying to yourself, "well, if you go to this pub almost everynight, than how do you know how the other pubs are?" To that, I say, "I have been to more pubs than I can count in this country. I am a United States sailor. My kind is no stranger to the pub scene." The bar staff is not rude at all. They are lovely young ladies whom I admire and respect. It must not be an easy task to serve drinks to 4 drunk guys, take orders from patrons, while at the same time, trying to change to channel on one of the 3 TVs they have in there. Now, I am not picking on you at all. I just felt you needed to be corrected.

29 Aug 2006 15:56

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