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The Kings Arms, Dorking

haha dear boy,i was in this pub the same day as your self and i think u must of been slightly impaired, that or hit ur head on one of the lovely old beams,i say this because a)the car was infact a plane b)the barman in question was not actually working on that day and those mates you saw of the the barman were in fact the other bar staff, as for the music i agree it was a tad anoying but it was pavarotti and not something to be found in a dj'ing nightclub, perhaps if you have nothing else to do on valentines day except leave frivilous complaints you should search out a new hobby, I personally like nothing better then to see people enjoying their work and I myself found no issue with the service. Being a regular in this pub does perhaps offer better service but there is very rarely any real cause for complaint, especially over something so trivial, you must understand theat the bar staff are of younger generation and as such maybe do not have the sort of cardboard personalities you might find droned into barstaff in a weatherspoons for example. But I certainly see no reason for complaining about somebody who was not actually working, I do agree with you about the music, which I also found slightly grating, but on the whole the music is played at an acceptable ambient background level, still one of the best pubs in town, if not the best, I have drunk here for many years and will continue to do so, remote control 'cars' or not

15 Feb 2010 12:57

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