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The Padwell Arms, Seal

dear oh dear
i have stirred a hornets nest havent i .
as i said before these forums are for honest opinions not advertising under an alias you are fooling no one

15 Dec 2011 12:46

The Padwell Arms, Seal

Tu geste ?
please explain if i were in a "proper pub" i very much doubt if any one would unless on holiday would be speaking that way. hence gone all gastro

i also notice that you are a frequent poster "thank you herve" "well done maria"
"best ale selection" does your work by any chance involve PR.

i did not set out to offend any one i am merely airing my opinion which i am quite entitled to do i have had the pleasure of meeting maria the landlady who in my opinion does a sterling job a very warm welcome for everyone and you only have to be in the pub two minutes to see how popular she is with the customers.

it was during a chat with maria that i was told what to expect when the kitchen was up and running that there was to be no competing with other local restaurants just good honest traditional english grub as you are a regular visitor could you explain the change.

so sessionmaster please take the time to read a menu and maybe you will appreciate why i state that the padwell has gone all gastro its quite simple really i state that because the padwell is now a GASTRO pub.

Even more annoyed , Kent

2 Dec 2011 14:31

The Padwell Arms, Seal

Another village pub lost whats going on does anyone know of a local pub that has not gone all gastro.

Annoyed Kent

30 Nov 2011 14:09

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