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Username: Yevad

Age: 46

Sex: male

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Dragoon, Colchester

I have been in once since it re-opened. It has been thoroughly stripped of all character inside, the central bar replaced by a long bar on the north wall. My first thought was that the counter and back-bar came from Ikeas budget range, rather bland looking.

The pool table had gone, dart board too. No jukebox, though the lady behind the bar said they let people plug their iPod/MP3 player into the sound system. No more "you pays your money, you take your choice. If you don't like the music selection, put your hand in your pocket".

It was a quiet time, so I can't comment on atmosphere.

3 Dec 2012 20:27

The Foresters Arms, Colchester

I visited this pub last week (23rd June 2011) and had a great time! It was an acoustic open mic night with some interesting musicians. The atmosphere was warm and friendly, I felt at home instantly. I was informed that it is under new management having recently been ruined by a weird bistro experiment that unsurprisingly failed. I didn't study the décor I am afraid, but it was all clean and new looking, I remember that much, even the gents toilets! Staff were fantastic, the other customers were open and friendly. I will definitely visit again!

30 Jun 2011 00:33

The Cherry Tree, Blackheath

I was desperate yesterday (29th June 2011) and decided to visit The Cherry Tree for a quick few pints with my father. We arrived in the pub at 22:25 and were told "I'm sorry, we are closing right now", I asked why and was told "because it is quiet", to which I couldn't resist quipping "well, you will be even quieter now, goodbye" and walked out.

I am an ex-licencee and when I first began training many moons ago, I was told that the golden rule is 'always be open during opening hours'. The moment you start closing early, or having one day off a week, you are sounding the death knell. Customers do not remember quirky times, they just go to a pub that they are sure WILL be open. The idiot in charge yesterday not only lost the £20-30 we probably would have spent, but also future business.

Yesterdays experience taught me a lesson. I hadn't had a drink yet, so once I got home I jumped in my car, drove to a friendly off-licence and bought some cold imported beer and drank in the comfort of my fathers home. I learned that being lazy and being willing to settle for such a crap pub was a bad idea. In this current climate, I can only see repossession in the future for that pub. It used to be great 15 years ago, it has the potential to be again with the right management and encouragement...but I fear it will never happen.

30 Jun 2011 00:25

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