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Quinn's, Camden

I like this place but I get seriously evil headache hangovers the morning after drinking anything on tap here. Feels like my head is being split in two from the inside out and it's a unique after-effect of beer at Quinns. It's happened each and every time I've drunk draught beer or lager here, and it hasn't happened any where else. Can only assume something is going wrong in their sterliisation process, like maybe its caused by the chemical they use to clean the beer pipes. Anyway now I stick to the bottled beer at Quinns. It's clean and there's certainly plenty of good ones to choose from.

Not a bad bar all round. The drinkers are very friendly and social. Never had any bother here and I've always had a good time. in the beergarden...... choice of two actually - one out the front - great for people watching and a bigger one out the back which is a real treat in Camden.

Got to say, I dont get the comments about the staff. The truly ancient Mr And Mrs Quinn are amazing and an institution in their own right. Their two sons are sound blokes - though it must be said Vince doesn't suffer fools gladly..... but then who does?

I'd give Quinns a 7.5 out of 10. Not generally my favourite boozer in the area but on some nights it can be. It's definitely got a bit of magic.

19 Nov 2010 00:53

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

Went to a gig in the area recently and got dragged back to The Hobgoblin [aka The Dev] against my better judgement. It's gone even further downhill in terms of stink, filth and loitering street-drinkers. The staff are still a bunch of up themselves w*****s. The crusty, urine stinking, alcoholics with dogs on string are even more numerous now and hang around you waiting to steal your beer as soon as you blink. The council should shut the loserville Dev down and do Camden a favour. Its a waste of good space all round. Vile.

19 Nov 2010 00:21

The Devonshire Arms, Camden

The bar has just changed management - again. The homeless pish-stinking elderly oi-punks who were previously banned have been let back in and were in full aggressive mode. It took forever to get served and while I was waiting, a total skank with a dog on a bit of string swaggered up to the bar and harangued me to buy her a drink. She got abusive when I refused. The pint glasses served up to me were filthy. Two friends had their drinks roofied with rohypnol under the old management last year and got violently robbed. Things have got worse now. The rancid toilets are the least of your worries in this hellhole. If you really HAVE to go to The Dev (why?), buy a bottled beer (clean) and keep your thumb in it (safe).

27 Apr 2009 19:13

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