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I enjoy checking out new pubs and drinking establishments... I have a penchant for Cocktails, Guinness, Import Beers and the odd jug of ale. I am very picky about my drinking arrangements, good service is a must.

Username: Tequila_Kitty

Age: 38

Sex: female

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The Fletcher Moss, Didsbury

Absolutely fantastic pub, with a wonderful atmosphere and interior. Small but cute outside area for smokers. The beers are of quite a wide variety and at good prices. Comfortable and homely, but also a nice hustle-bustle on a Saturday night!

26 Aug 2010 20:11

The Metropolitan, Didsbury

We live in the West Didsbury area, but generally go for the more homely, and well, less-hip pubs.
This is mainly because we don't quite fit in with The Metropolitan crowd, and also the prices are SKY HIGH.
My partner in particular isn't keen on the place, but over the past month or so we have opted to go in with our family as we now have a little baby and noticed that the pub does cater for families. That is all fine as long as you don't want your daughter's bottle warmed up. The first time we went in they did give us a glass of water to heat the bottle, but just warm tap water.
Anyone with a baby will know you'll be waiting until closing time for a glass of tap water to warm a bottle of milk.
The second time my parents took our daughter in and again requested water to warm the bottle. This was met with disgruntled huffing from the barstaff, who again, offered a glass of tap water due to "health and safety" (I've been in many pubs with my daughter, and never before has this been an issue).
Highly unimpressed with this, my father decided to vacate the bar and on his way back to the table overheard the barstaff question "why people don't bring their own water to heat bottles". So much for convenience and service.
As my parents were about to pack up, the barstaff did eventually bring a container of boiling water over to heat my 4-month-old's bottle... but too late I'm afraid.

It's an absolutely beautiful building, and frankly wasted on the people who frequent the place. If you're looking for a nice atmosphere and good prices, try checking out The Railway across the road, or The Four in Hand and Old House at Home which are in the vicinity.

26 Aug 2010 20:08

The Castle Hotel, Manchester

I love this pub. Yes, it's a bit dated inside and slightly grotty, but the atmosphere is top notch, bar staff are very friendly, good variety of drinks and a smashing landlady too. A nice, cosy place to have a few drinks with friends in the winter.

12 Jul 2006 17:19

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