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George & Dragon, Wrotham

Having read the reviews on this site I was really looking forward to enjoying a nice meal in the pub's garden. What a disappointment.
Service was incredibly slow and I should have guessed when my Pimms & lemonade was served without so much as a lemon slice that this was not going to be a good experience.
The beer garden was littered with numerous empty drinks cans and ketchup sachets. The mess had clearly been there for some time because the grass had been mowed and the cuttings were lying on top of the rubbish. The garden also contained a plastic slide and seesaw, both of which were filthy and no parent in their right mind would want their children anywhere near.
I had only been in the beer garden for a few minutes when a jack russell owned by the pub was released into the garden. Having clearly been stuck in the pub all afternoon, the first thing the animal did was pee next to our picnic table - charming. The dog then proceeded to race back and forth non-stop across the garden in an alarmingly systematic fashion, reminiscent of how caged animals pace around their enclosures. This was a very distressing sight and only made the surroundings even more unpleasant.
Sevenoaks is full of lovely pubs and this is definitely one to avoid. Needless to say I didn't order any food here and will never come back.

2 Jun 2009 22:51

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