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The Rake, London Bridge

One good thing about this place is that at least they have the decency to tell that one of their beers is £9 a pint, and that another is over 8%. I eventually settled for a reasonable strength bitter at reasonable price. And quite nice it was too.

Other than that I found the place lacking. Itís a small, square box and thatís about as descriptive as one can get.

My chair was broken too, and so was my partnerís. Itís these little things you rememberÖ

24 Oct 2011 15:56

Red Lion, Ealing

The aesthetics of this pub are good: traditional charm festooned with pictures of bygone stars from Ealing Studios across the road. Itís cosy, itís nice Ė itís expensive.

Make sure you specify your vino if you want to avoid paying top dollar. The most expensive wine available will be serviced up to any unsuspecting customer who does not order a specific variety.

The ale here is normally pretty good, granted Ė but the prices of that too are steep. Itís what keeps me away, and by the looks of reviews here, itís keeping others away too.


30 Jun 2011 14:41

The Drayton Court, West Ealing

The Drayton has an utterly ridiculous Ďno hatí rule. If youíre spotted wearing any sort of headgear youíll be pounced upon by one of several officious jobs-worths, who will demand its removal (or yours) immediately. No explanation will be offered for this bizarre enforcement; youíll be merely told: Ďitís policyí. I donít wear a hat, and neither do any of my friends. But I have seen a middle-aged, perfectly respectable looking man in a fedora (or some such hat) subjected to a nonsensical attack on his liking of the millinerís trade.

I can only assume that they (the staff) once had a spot of bother from a hat-wearing customer and in true health and safety style (that of over-reacting to a one-off, highly unlikely incident) thought that banning hats would prevent it ever happening again. Who knws?

That said, itís possible for the exposed of head to visit the Drayton without being drawn into this debacle. Manage that and youíll have a pleasant enough time, with good beer, reasonable food and friendly non-hat wearing bar staff.

As recent refurbishment has made improvements, though the olfactory evidence in one toilet suggests aesthetics was put ahead of (literally) underlying problems.

Worth a visit (the pub, if not the toilet).

30 Jun 2011 12:40

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