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Username: Silentio

Age: 58

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The Bun House, Peckham

At the risk of a cliche, this is a local pub for local people.
Once accepted and they are used to your scent the locals do not bite, much.
If you want to go to a pub and drink a frisky Burgundy whilst waiting for your 9 burger and discussing house prices don't go to this pub.
If however you live or work or shop nearby the place is friendly, serves excellent Guinness and has .50p pool table.
The clientele watch the racing and the football and talk with each other. Being a locals pub everybody knows everybody else.
No food is served but you can bring in takeaways. The landlord has fish and chip nights where he hands out portions to everybody. On pool and other competition nights there is home made food going around.
To sum up this is a village pub in a London suburb with all the best and worst that goes with iy.

25 Sep 2007 14:16

The Hawley Arms, Camden

Used to be known by locals as the "The Dead Hippy" was sold. converted into a fake french bar and has now been re-converted back into an imitation of the Dead Hippy.
Its handy for the market, you send the tourists there and you drink whilst waiting for them. Like the Mixer its a place to take tourists to say they have been somewhere. But really it needs fumigating.

There is now nothing special about this bar.

24 Sep 2007 00:38

The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

Its a big crap pub with staff who have never worked in a hospitality environment before and speak english as a third language.
Like all Wetherspoons it has the same ambience as a bar on a railway station.
A good place to meet up or get tanked before going out on the town. If a touristits a pub experience. Watch out for bag snatchers.

I use it to pee in and wait out of the rain for the bus.

24 Sep 2007 00:23

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