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Username: SebM

Age: 57

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The Earl Beatty, Motspur Park

Got to agree with a lot of the negative comments below. This place has been my local since the 1980s and has never been great and seems to be going further downhill. Its such a shame because this is the only pub in the area ( nearest competition must be 1.5/2 miles away ) and the location is in a highly residential area and next to a station....if this place was done up a bit and moved upmarket it would be perfect but instead it is 'Chav Central' and therefore its all about burgers, Sky Sports, screaming kids , Alcopops , tattooed neanderthals who look like they'd thump you if so much as glanced at them etc etc. Avoid this place and head up to Wimbledon Village !!

27 Jul 2011 16:56

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