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Username: Ruxton

Age: 52

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Suburban, Wimbledon

God give me strength-this is not a pub-its a cocktail bar for the post work/pre club binge drinking student/teenies/twenties crowd who don't like the taste of a proper pint cos it tastes bitter !
It started life as Hartfield's wine bar about 20 years ago and became a cocktail bar and has never even been a pub.
Correct me if I'm wrong but it doesn't serve any real ale ?

16 May 2011 05:02

The Harp, Covent Garden

Blimey !
Calm down Foghorn Calm down !
Theinvestigator and I were having a perfectly reasonable exchange of views there and you seem to have lost the plot.
Sounds like you need a pint ?

4 Aug 2010 20:56

The Harp, Covent Garden

Dear theinvestigator

Standard deviation is designed to eliminate error or distortion which to use an analogy is like an year end audit which is designed to pick up errors or material mis staments but not fraud.
If there is a deliberate attempt at fraud by giving simply lower than average marks e.g 3's and 4's under multiple pseudonyms then yes it won't eliminate them.
Similarly an audit is not designed to detect fraud because it assumes the information provided is not fraudulent.
So if there is someone trying to downgrade a pub then other measures are surely necessary similar to The Jockey Club who investigate suspicious patterns of betting or more rigorous checks on the ID of the reviewers.

2 Aug 2010 21:05

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