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The Flying Fox, Milton Keynes

Me and my bf wanted to go for a nice relaxed meal out. Arrived to pub for half 3 and ordered a roast platter for 2. Food was served 2 mins later and was cold. So politely asked for a refund or another dish.After the complaint staff turned shifty towards us.
Despite my bf being a member of there team 5 years prior and leaving on good terms to start his new career. Only 2 members of staff knew him and they where 2 of the higher members of staff.
Before our new mains came out a lady came out who he did not no who knew his name, she spoke very rude "you have not changed much have you " in a argumentative format. I was shocked by the way she spoke as we had just been minding out own business and just waiting for our food. I asked what she meant and very rudely shrugged her shoulders and walked off back into the restaurant while mumbling what sounded like a swear word. In front of kids. I thought this was a joke , never in years would of expected service from such a nice old English pub.The customer service was diabolical and very bad management. members of staff who talk about customers to other staff is a rule broken for client confidentiality. However harrassing paying customers unprovoked is another story. A form of bullying and a embarrassment to other paying customers who turns you off or makes you wonder what team they have employed here and what are they doing in the kitchen ??we refused to eat the new dishes and wished for money back and a appology of which the manager Tryed apologising for. The same person of whom of the two who knew my bf prior . We asked him if we can talk to the head of office of which he didn't want us to do ..we asked what was said about my bf. reluctantly he was tripping up and said nothing was said but contradicted himself by saying his name was brought up in the kitchin :-/ as he was the highest level of management and promised to deal with this we did not feel he would . So now going to write up letters of complaint and arrange a meeting of some kind with the head for a appology from the lady and get to the bottom of this scenario . Video evidence will also be provided.

21 Jul 2014 02:22

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