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Username: Oldsod

Age: 45

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The Lord Palmerston, Dartmouth Park

Visited this pub today after a hiatus of around six months. We were after an early Sunday lunch. Matter of factly the food was good, but I really can't get my head around paying 15 for a roast dinner. I guess its par for the course in the area, but ultimately, Lord Palmerston, you're not that good. 6/10 it is.

31 Jul 2011 22:49

The Horse and Cart, Peasmarsh

I visited this pub with it's new landlord over the christmas period and I have to say I was very unimpressed by the food. Essentially the whole menu was fried. No thanks. What a shame, this did used to be an excellent pub.

24 Jan 2010 20:42

The Royal Oak, Bethnal Green

Visited this pub today and am having conflicting opinions on it. Firstly, food... excellent, but at 14.50 for a main meal bloody pricey. The beer seemed fine but at 3.50 also not exactly cheap and the pint glasses were no-where near filled up.

I was warned of the rude staff however I actually thought they were ok, albeit very hungover, but been there done that. Can't really knock 'em for it.

Would be a nice local boozer but probably won't be eating there again anytime soon!

24 Jan 2010 20:24

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