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The Shakespeare's Head, Holborn

A busy pub but the service is ok, better than it used to be when the manager told off while I was on a mobile outside and holding my beer.'Go inside with that, we don't have an off licence!' I wonder if they have one now?
I don't see anyone complaining now they're depserate to keep smokers happy, with areas at the front. Not sure all the pubs that have these are entitled to carve up the pavement.
Accoustics are bad, very noisey even though there's no music, but it's a big pub and you can find a seat if you wait a little while.
Cheap beer's always welcome, though Wetherspoon's food...hmm, can't have it too often.
All in all for a big pub it's ok, for the first couple of beers of the night.

12 Feb 2010 14:00

The Royal George, Charing Cross Road

This is a pub well worth avoiding, the service is very slow with unmanned wasted bar space downstairs. They have a reasonable choice of beer but get so busy at times it's not worth the wait. They have a late licence and it gets busier than they can handle, with people trying to get a last drink before heading home.
The worst thing about this pub is the staff's attitude when it comes to closing time, as there's an outside areaat the front fo the pub ie: the street (that is if you want to stand and watch people queing up to get into G.A.Y.) they are very pushy when it comes to letting you cross the premesis boundry when trying to use the loo before going home. I was pushed off the premesis even though I had been drinking there for an hour and a half and told, 'Were closed, you can't come back in.'
When this happened to a friend of mine a few months later the staff not only kept him off the premesis they also told him to urinate in the street! Which I think is a public order offence. A bad attitude towards customers means they lose them. They should sort their act out and stop being so offensive.

11 Feb 2010 19:44

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