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The Prospect of Whitby, Wapping

Just spent New Year's Eve here are what a dismal experience. I don't know what the problem is with this place, just very badlly run. Avoid it like the plague!
Any brewery worth its salt would make this the jewel in its crown. Fantastic location, historic building, garden. Instead it is run like a student union bar.
To be fair the New Year 'nite' was cheap, and we soon found out why. The 'DJ' insisted on playing crap music, about as suitable for the occasion as a dose of the clap. He insisted on playing 'his choice' and presumably, for the bunch of dodgy cronies he brought along with him. The 'food' was inedible.
Half the punters left before the midnight hour. These were affluent customers who would have spent A LOT OF CASH. Well done brwery... everyone was was a loser!!!

5 Jan 2010 16:16

The Blacksmith's Arms, Rotherhithe

This is a first class pub. The building is authentic 1930s and has been well preserved. The (Thai) bar staff are excellent, the beer well kept and presented, and the Thai food at the back is fantastic.
Good mix of local residents and tourists from the Hilton next door. 9/10.

17 Sep 2007 17:12

Gordon's Wine Bar, Charing Cross

This is one of London's drinking gems. Very atmospheric a unique venue. And there lies the rub. It's too popular. And what's with the staff these days? The current crop are incredibly rude and aggressive. There's no need to herd people around like cattle. Someone should remind them that it's the paying customer who is paying their wages! A little respect please!

20 Dec 2005 16:12

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