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The Sun in the Sands, Kidbrooke

In reply to the earlier retort-
If that pub can hold a 9 piece band then they must all be playing triangles whilst performing an acrobatic pyramid. The mention of locals being locals was a warning to any unsuspecting visitors. There are no new faces in there. Same old small crowd during the week either playing pool, fruit machines or generally telling each other to f*** off as loud as they can which apparently is the highlight of their day. The proof of a good pub-and this one isn't- is that fresh faces come and return. The problem is that all newbies never set foot inside again and frequent far superior drinking places in a much safer and friendlier place. If a tornado went through this pub it would cause thousands of pounds of improvements. As to the future- I have no idea as to why no-one has ever bought the shop next door ( used to be a florist years ago, last time I saw it, it was a car sound system installer ) and enlarged the pub and give it a complete makeover. That, and only that is going to breathe life into what used to be a cracking pub which has now well and truly fallen through the cracks.

17 Apr 2011 21:48

The Sun in the Sands, Kidbrooke

Now the problem with this pub is that it's small with no room to expand. It used to have a public and saloon bar which a long time ago were merged into one. The bar now sits awkwardly askew so limits space somewhat. One side has a pool table and dart board and the other a slot machine and a sky tv screen. Unlike it's nearest rival-The British Oak-it has no beer garden. 'Outdoors' is on the A2 on Shooters Hill Road. The locals are just that-locals. There is no chance of parking anywhere so all punters walk. Outside it looks ok but on entering it's intimidating especially on Saturday afternoons. Surprising as this catchment area attracts a completely different type at the Oak around the corner. A fair comparison would be Millwall vs Charlton. The interior of the Sun has about as much imagination as a caravan site. The management are limited with what to do given the size of the place but a crackdown on underage drinking which is very apparent here would help. Difficult to improve as the regulars who frequent this pub are what keeps it in business but the language would make a docker blush.

18 Feb 2011 23:29


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