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The Approach Tavern, Bethnal Green

Nice pub, good food, bit expensive but it is worth a visit, good selection of beers and wines so a big hit with me and the fella.

25 Jan 2013 12:40

The Dundee Arms, Bethnal Green

Hell hole, stinks of bleach as soon as you walk in, land lady is rude and the service is shockingly slow.... much better places to go in the area.

25 Jan 2013 12:37

The Camel, Bethnal Green

Not a fan of this bar at all, very small, bar staff seem more focused on chatting as opposed to serving drinks (I know that Guinness is supposed to settle during pouring, but waiting 4 minutes from it being poured to being given the beer is ridiculous, especially when me and the boyfriend are the only people in the pub)

Also when it does get busy it tends to be media types/hipsters, it is also quite expensive.

25 Jan 2013 12:36

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