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Age: 51

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Ship, Monument

Visited on a Tuesday lunchtime. From recollecion, this is the first London pub I ever saw serving Tribute on a regular basis, and its still on here a couple of years' later. Not the same barrel, of course.

In the limited time I've been a BITE member, this is the 3rd Nicholson's pub I've reviewed in the area (the other 2 being the Horniman, and Crutched Friar), and qualifies as my favourite of the three. There are alway regular beers (Pride, Youngs, and one I can't remember), together with guests. Yesterday, one guest was off, but remaining were the gingery Everard's Sly Fox, and St Austell's Tribute. I tried each, and both were in good condition. Good marks for quality. Service can be slow on occasions, though was speedy yesterday.

The inside is pleasant enough, and the moment the sun shows itself, everyone piles out onto the alleyway pavement. Yes, it does tend to towards the suits, but I don't see that as a pro or a con in itself, and you expect that on the edge of the City anyway. The atmosphere is decent, and I've never seen any trouble there.

I've said before that I think Nicholsons (though, of course, they are themselves part of the M&B stable) are one of the better chains, and I think The Ship is a good example of why.

Well worth a visit. 7.5ish out of 10.

28 May 2008 12:23

The Lord Clyde, Borough

Visited on a Thursday lunchtime. I've read the last few reviews, and there's little to add. A lovely, traditional looking pub. I don't know if its ever had a makeover, but its easy to imagine that its looked more or less as it does for many years.

Staff were very friendly and quick, although the place wasn't busy. I didn't try the food.

The only slight disappointment was the beer options. The selection - Pride, Adnams, Youngs, Spitfire, and Greene King IPA - are common all over town. I was on the last one and must say it was the best pint of GK IPA I've had for quite some time. So, well kept beer, just a shame about the choice.

I imagine this place is already on real ale drinkers' lists. I'd give it an 8.5.

23 May 2008 14:26

The Gladstone Arms, Borough

Stopped by on a Thurs lunchtime for my first ever visit to the 'Glad'. The word used by both my co-drinker, and a couple of articles on the wall, was 'bohemian'. And that's probably as good as any to describe the feel.

Its a small pub, which clearly prides itself on live music - in fact it has a folky/R&B house band who play most Sundays and, whilst not entirely clear to me, they may have something to do with ownership of the pub. I imagine it would get full very quickly. Similarly, the music/jukebox (whichever it was) wasn't blaring, and clearly its choice is influenced by the band's style rather than simply being the latest 'Now Thats What I Dont Call Music 93'.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Black Sheep & Deuchars on offer. That said, I could only stay for one, and the pint of Sheep I had was average. So, 'could do better' on the quality front. Service was quick and friendly, albeit that the pub wasn't very busy anyway. I didn't try any of the pies mentioned in previous posts.

I will try to make it back for a Sunday music sesh at some point. Overall, whilst decent enough and a little different, there are 2 or 3 better pubs in the area.

23 May 2008 13:08

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