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The Marquis of Granby, Cambridge Circus

WARNING: DO NOT GO TO THIS PUB. My two friends and I wandered into The Marquis of Granby on the off-chance that they might be showing the Man City Vs QPR match. There were 5 minutes until kick off and there was a plum table going spare right in a large area right front the screen. We settled down in our seats and moved the table literally about 10cm to the left to get a better view and to bring it in line with the chairs, which were a little further back. Out of nowhere this huge, lumbering, sweating, hulking bully of a Landlord flew across to our table, got hold of it and slammed it right up against the wall and roared "YOU DO NOT MOVE MY FURNITURE!" When we protested that the table had never been that far against the wall in the first place and any damage he feared we might have done had just been made worse by him throwing the table half way across the room, he got right up in my (female) friend's face and jaws clenched, bright red, shaking with rage, he screamed "YOU. DO. NOT. MOVE. MY. FURNITURE. DO. YOU. UNDERSTAND."

Hence to say we left immediately and did not spend any money here. I don't go to work to line the pockets of insecure little men with a fetish for furniture moving. He will be the ruin of this pub. Shame.

14 May 2012 10:37

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